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Canary and Google Assistant have coupled up

  1. Popular smart camera company Canary is the latest manufacturer to arm its products with support for Google Assistant, providing you with the facility to execute a slew of commands, like requesting temperature details, without having to touch .

To get started, you’ll need to head into the Explore section of Assistant, tap the Canary icon, then follow the steps to link your account. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to ask Assistant for details about the climate in your home and your unit’s battery life.

We’re a little disappointed by the functionality if we’re being honest, but Canary says it’s working hard to introduce new features, including the option to ask which members are home, change your camera’s settings and even sound the alarm.

One thing you’ll never be able to do, however, is disarm Canary using Assistant, because let’s face it: if the firm went down that route, anyone with access to your smartphone could disable your security camera and start rummaging through your drawers.

Google Assistant, which can be used on Android, Google Home and iOS, integration is available for both free and paid Canary customers who own either the all-in-one Canary or the battery-powered

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